Monday, 27 July 2015

Way of the Gull

A bit of sewing perhaps.

Back to work on the Way of the Gull


All four pieces are assembled, now the only problem is how to finish them off. Are they finished?

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Landmarks, Berry Banks and Hagg Wood, in the exhibition at Holmfirth Art Week

Wandering through the bluebells along Berry Banks,
 later in the year there'll be blackberries and bilberries for the picking.
Dappled sunlight by the river, bright new leaves campion, 
rowan tree in flower, last year's beech mast crunching underfoot.

Landmarks and Edgelands

My current projects Landmarks and Edgelands are exploring the landscape from different perspectives.  Landmarks, working from maps and local knowledge, is looking at place names that relate to the land and its features, Reynards, Hagg, Berry and Ramsden currently in my sketchbook. Edgelands is investigating abandoned sites along the River Holme that were once 'hives' of industry now abandoned for nature to recapture, havens for wildlife unlike much of the adjoining farm land.
The Edgelands project will hopefully be exhibited with Lateral in their Transitions exhibition in 2016.